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My wood burner door handle gets too hot

(Rachel) #1

I don’t want a kitchen oven glove but I would like a small padded square that will protect my hand when I am opening my wood burners door. Does anyone make such a thing.
Thank you Rachel

(0) #2

Hi Rachel,
I have made some fabric potholders before, I think they might be suitable for what you want. I could make one for you, Sorry I haven’t any photos of them to show you though.
Julie :slight_smile:

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(Rachel) #3

Pot holders - I knew they had a name :smiley: Thank you for getting back to me. I was hoping to see some in someone’s shop so that I could choose the fabric.

(0) #4

lol! no problem :slight_smile: there are some pretty crochet ones on here if you type in potholders, I hope you find what you’re looking for :slight_smile:

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(SaskiaN) #5

Even though I haven’t any pot holders premade, if you have a look at my shop I’ve got more fabric of pretty much everything I’ve got posted, so if you see a fabric on another item that you like I can probably make you a pot holder out of the fabric. I’ve got insulated batting that I use in my cup cosies, but is also what you find in potholders / oven gloves, etc.

I know exactly what you mean though - I grew up with a wood stove as one of the main sources of heat and my parents always had a pot holder nearby specifically for the handle!

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(Rachel) #6

Thank you Saskia, I rather like the red of this item if you have any left?

Thank you

(bluebellwoodturning) #7

Hi Rachel
If you Google heat resistant gloves you will find lots of choice right upto the high heat ones firefighters use.

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(SaskiaN) #8

I think I do! Can have a rummage after kids’ bedtimes. I presume you’d want a square shape? Any specific size or just big enough for a hand?

(SaskiaN) #9

Yes I do - the red with the white stars in dotty circles (main fabric of bag)?

If you’re still interested I can make you one for £5 with 1.50 pp. Let me know, and I can put a listing on that’s reserved for you :slight_smile:

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(Rachel) #10

Thank you that will be great :smiley:

(SaskiaN) #11

Fantastic! I’ll put up a listing for you tomorrow and put the link on here. :smiley:

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(SaskiaN) #12

Here it is! If there’s anything else you need re the specs just let me know (that’s my shadow on the fabric there - rubbish photo taken quickly last night).

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