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Craftjuice February 2018

( Carol ) #1

Post your craftjuice links here. Vote for everyone else :blush:

(Emma) #2

Gosh, I’ve not used CJ for a long time but might as well give it a go!

( Carol ) #3

I only started again last month. I would have started this thread on 1st Feb but I’ve been ill :mask:

(Jan Ryan) #4

It’s been a while, :slight_smile: I’ve followed the links and voted and I’ll keep popping back to do more. x

I hope you’re feeling better Carol x

(Kim Blythe) #5

Here is mine…

(MollyMoochins) #6

Voted for all of the above

(Alison Mackenzie) #7

Voted to here and one from me.

( Carol ) #8

Voted to here

(Lynn Britton) #9

All voted for up to here and listed one

(Kim Blythe) #10

Voted to here, and 1 listed

(MollyMoochins) #11

Voted to here

(Emma) #12

Voted to here x

(Jan Ryan) #13

I’ve voted to here and added this little Bunny x

(Sarah Bell) #14

Hello! Haven’t used craftjuice for ages, will try and get back into it!

Voted everyone to here!

(Lynn Britton) #15

All voted for up to here.

(Alison Mackenzie) #16

All voted to here and a new one.

( Carol ) #17

Have voted for all above and added more so please scroll down :slight_smile:

(Emma Rogerson) #18

Hello everyone. Great to see a Craftjuice thread again. I have voted and here is my new print:

(Lynn Britton) #19

All voted for up to here

(Emma) #20

All voted and here is todays x