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New idea - going on from gardening thread

Well I think I’ve started a new craft for myself.

A recycle project that stemmed from running out of pots for my seedlings.

I Mentioned to a couple of friends that I’m having to recycle all my tin cans to use as seedling pots.

I realized as they are made of tin they will rust so I’ve taken to painting them.

So I’ve been painting like made and now I’ve had a few friends ask if I could make them Painted Herb Pots for their window ledges. They are even offering to supple the tin cans.

mmmm I think I’ve just signed myself up for a another recycling craft lol


Great idea Eileen, photo’s please :smile:

will do once they are all dried and planted up :smiley:

That sounds like a wonderful idea Eileen, clever you.
Lynn x

great idea! I’ve just started a mini herb garden out the back, im hoping they aren’t all going to die on me :persevere:

Sue most herbs like a nice well drained soil so if you’re soil is clay based rather than say sand I’d either had sand and compost into your soil or grow the herbs in pots.

What herbs are you growing are they the perennials such as rosemary, sage and mint or the annuals such as basil which will need to be re seed every year.

Great idea Eileen, hope you’ll show us a picture of them.

I put them in a large wooden planter, so hopefully that will address the drainage, so far I’ve got rosemary, mint and parsley, ( I didn’t plant from seed, I just bought a few plants from b an q) I’ve used them and they seem to be growing back - does the parsley eventually pop it’s clogs?

Parsley is a bieannial so will set seed over winter and produce a small crop the next spring. So yes the parsley plant you have now will die after it set’s new seeds that should germinate next spring.

The mint is a perennial that also dies down then regrows again from it’s root next spring.

Sounds so lovely - a little like the narrow boat craft of painting watering cans etc. Looking forward to seeing the pictures.

Jacqueline x