Folksy Ltd

New painting

(Paulsart) #1

hi everbody I hope you like my new painting
titled the bird you can also see the painting in my folksy shop
with a few more I try to paint everyday so I hope
there will be more for you to see in my shop soon but for
now this is my new painting from paul

(Lynn Britton) #2

Love the colours Paul

(Paulsart) #3

thank you lynn from paul

(Rachel) #4

Hi Paul, I look forward to seeing more of your work, especially if your painting every day. Rachel

(Paulsart) #5

ok thankyou he is one I finished tonight I will put it
in my shop soon but here it is
from paul

(Rachel) #6

Are these painted from your imagination or from places you have visited?

(Paulsart) #7

no manly there are all what I make up sometimes
I will get a idea and draw it first but orther times I will just paint and see what happens
glad you like them from paul

(Teresa Connolly) #8

Colourful painting Paul.

(Paulsart) #9

from paul