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New private forum members category

(Camilla) #1

Following your requests for a private section for Folksy sellers we’ve set up this new category which can only be accessed by forum users.

So feel free to start some topics in there! Let me know if you have any problems accessing it.

We’ll also be removing the Lounge section this week. So if there is any information in that category that you would like to keep for your own reference, can you make sure you collect it before Friday when we will be turning it off.

(Roz) #2

Can I just clarify that this section is for sellers only as it indicates its open to forum members some of which are registered buyers. Thanks.

(Camilla) #3

Good question, Roz. This area is only accessible to signed-in forum users and as you are given a forum account when you register with Folksy, that could include registered non-sellers. At the moment, I can’t see a way to prevent that without changing the registration process but I’m open to ideas!

However, there aren’t very many non-sellers who use the forums and this area shouldn’t be indexed by Google or other search engines, so it’s less publicly accessible than the other categories.

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(Roz) #4

Thanks - just useful to know before we start posting information that we may not want buyers to see!

edit: not that I can think of anything particularly that I would need to hide!

(Minerva) #5

I believe buyers who have registered with Folksy can see the messages too? I thought that’s what Camilla said above…do correct me if I misunderstood. It’s best to doublecheck before posting messages…

(Roz) #6

Yes registered buyers can access the area but the rest of the forum is visible to anyone whether they have registered with folksy or not.

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