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New royal baby

(Heidi Meier) #1

Gosh - I’m glad I didn’t have an important announcement to make today! News totally going to be dominated by this!!

(Margaret Jackson) #2

I haven’t heard, must dash over to the BBC to find what this is about!

EDIT: Just read about it, great news!

Shame she’s having terrible morning sickness though. It’s good to hear some happy news amid all the awful things going on in the world! :slight_smile:

(Heidi Meier) #3

I agree - new babies are always exciting news!! I wonder if they’ll announce whether its a boy or girl this time??

(Margaret Jackson) #4

I don’t suppose they care! As long as it’s healthy they’ll be grateful.

(Heidi Meier) #5

I guess that goes without saying. I was referring to last time when there was a lot of press interest around the first born being a boy or girl.

( Carol ) #6

I am really pleased for them. Obviously they have protocol but they seam such a down to earth couple.

And if they want any knitted baby cardigans… :smiley:

(Karen Ellam) #7

Awww yes lovely news. I’ve just spotted it on my BBC news app whilst munching my lunch. :slight_smile:


(Claire Davis) #8

I think it’s lovely news, just read about it in our paper this morning :slight_smile: They chose a good name for the last little one (we have a George in our family as well!) I wonder what they’ll call this one?