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New Shop. Be grateful for advice

(Shine On) #1


I’ve recently started a new shop here but it’s still very much a work in progress and I know I have so much to learn.

I have been lurking about the forum which has been invaluable but if any of you have any advice or comments I would love to hear them.

I’ve started a FB page, and also Pinterest where I’ve pinned a few pieces from here, I do hope that no one minds if they see their stuff (I will of course remove it if anyone objects). I’ve been reading about the importance of promotion so I figured every little helps.

I’m a bit worried as I’ve only just got here, and I’ve seen quite a bit of chatter about established people giving up Folksy and am concerned that I’ve missed the boat, but would like to give it a shot anyway.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

Pretty pieces :smiley:

I think I’d add another photo or two maybe a different angle and I’d like to see the backs of the items.

Have you thought of a photo of the pendent on a chain hanging on a jewellery bust. You can get them very cheaply on ebay.

Have you tried typing into the search bar pendent to see if your’s come up within the first 3 - 5 pages of the search?

Only your title might be a bit long. Best to try to keep the more descriptive words at the end with pendent at the beginning.

Then add all the descriptive words pretending to the pendent within the first 2 lines of your description.

I’ve not seen you on the forum before so I’d suggest going to the ‘Showcase’ part of the forum and have a look at the promotional threads where we all promote each other’s items.

You might like to also try adding other social media sites to your promoting.

There is Stumble upon, twitter, google+, wanelo and craftjuice.

All the best as your pieces are interesting and pretty.

(Shine On) #3

Thank you for taking the time Eileen, very helpful.

I just searched pendant and gosh, no it doesn’t. I got as far as page 10 and gave up. Loads of other lovely things though. The trick to this site is going to be selling more than I buy I think!

Should I edit the titles of the existing listings, or just do better with the next ones I wonder.

I’ll look into jewellery busts too. I was struggling with the photography as they are so reflective but you’re completely right that more photos showing different angles would be an improvement.

Which social media sites are the most useful? Or alternatively user friendly to a newbie. I’ve not heard of wanelo, and confess while I’ve heard of craftjuice, I don’t exactly understand it.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

You can edit your titles via the edit icon next to the item and can also add more photo’s via the same edit icon. You don’t pay anymore to edit an item.

I find Wanelo and google plus easy you just copy and paste your items url at the top of the page.

Craftjuice takes a wee bit of extra work but it prompts you as to what to do.

Then you go to the craftjuice thread in the showcase part of the forum and put up the your craftjuice item url and we all vote for your item in return you vote for everyone else’s item.

As soon as your item gets 5 votes craftjuice will promote your item on facebook and twitter.

If you get stuck then the craftjuice thread is also where you can ask a question and we’ll attempt to assist.

(Shine On) #5

Thanks for the extra info. I have applied to Craftjuice and will try to sort it out later in the week. I must admit I was hopelessly naive with the amount of promoting required. Such a shame the Folksy brand isn’t more well known, so many lovely things here, and I don’t think any of my friends had heard of it before.

(Minerva) #6

I would say be very patient! Online shops need quite some work and time to be found and get established. Especially in your line of work. Jewellery is popular and therefore more competitive. But you never know, you might do well. Don’t worry about what other sellers are doing as it could be a lot of varied reasons they have decided to close or move on etc. Good luck!

(Shine On) #7

Thanks Minerva.

Now is there a Folksy seller I can buy some extra patience from :wink: