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New Shop - Could someone review my shop please

(Contours Albion) #1

Hi I’m new to Folksy and have been busy listing items today with still quite a few more to list. There is so much information to take in that it can be quite overwhelming being unfamiliar to how it all works. I would really appreciate it if someone could perhaps look at my shop and review what I’ve done so far, have I made any obvious mistakes that I’ve just not noticed? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


(Alittlesparkle) #2

Your shop looks lovely, the only thing is the postage may be a little high on the tea bags some say £3.20 others £1.00, I love the idea of tea bags something different I have added your shop to my favourite shop list x

(Contours Albion) #3

Thank you so much for looking, I really appreciate it. I know it looks odd with the postage for the tea bags, but some are packs of six and they are much thicker and count as a small parcel at the post office, whereas the Valentine tea bags are only a pack of two and much thinner. Annoying I know! Thank you for your help.

(Alittlesparkle) #4

Oh I see I didn’t think to look at amount sorry x

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #5

The tea bags are such a fun item! However, I agree that £3.20 postage for 6 tea bags would be off putting. It might be worth rethinking your packing for the larger amounts - use bigger cello bags to spread them out and you can easily post them for large letter price - might encourage more sales :slight_smile:

(Diane Mc Kechnie) #6

love your photographs and how you present your items, agree with above , maybe try and rearrange your teabags so they will go large letter. Do you have a cardboard guide with slots to help you get thickness correct? Love the shaped teabags what a great idea

(Contours Albion) #7

Thank you all so much. I do have a cardboard guide (which I have bent trying to fit the tea bags through! lol). I think I will have to go back and perhaps try a different packaging, they look so cute though in their little bag! :smile:

(Kristina Normante) #8

Beautiful shop, love the colour palette of your banner, Colours matches the Folksy name colours, great idea!!!

(Contours Albion) #9

Thank you Kristina. It was a coincidence because I’ve used these colours in my logo for over a year now but I am so pleased at how the banner turned out.

(Amberlilly) #10

Pretty looking shop, cute idea with the tea bags. Good luck with your shop. :smile:

(Camilla) #11

Hi Alise. I’m Camilla, the content editor at Folksy. I’ve had a quick look at your shop and I LOVE your teabags. I would definitely feature those in a gift guide and on the front page if you could swap the image order around. It’s hard to see what you’re selling at a glance with the photos you’ve currently got as your main images, and you need to grab buyers immediately. So I would suggest making these product shots your main image instead…

… but check how they crop to a square, and that they look good in the frame.

I would also think about listing the heart-shaped ones in the Valentine Cards category, rather than the Homemade Food section (at least temporarily) because cards is a lot more popular and you are likely to get more people searching through that category at this time of year.

I would also try testing some different titles and see how they perform. For example, for your “Cat Shaped Tea Bags, Cat Lovers, Unusual Cat Lovers Gift, Novelty Gifts” listing, maybe try “Set of 6 cat shaped tea bags - an unusual novelty gift for cat lovers”. And try to include the word “pet” or “pet lover” in your description too.

Finally, I agree with @DandelionsGallery that the postage is a little high on some things. I totally understand that postage is expensive if it can’t fit through that letter slot, but it could be an idea to build some of the postage costs into the price and offer cheaper (or even free) postage. High postage often puts off buyers. Or as Sara says, could you change the way it’s packaged so it fits into a smaller envelope?

My only other point is that as a buyer I would be confused about what you make. There are pieces of jewellery, suncatchers, tea bags and watercolours. Although it’s tempting to list everything you maker, the most successful shops tend to focus on just one thing, and become known for doing that.

I hope that helps - and a big welcome to Folksy!

(Contours Albion) #12

Hi Camilla @Folksycontent, that’s brilliant and thank you for all your helpful advice. I will definitely go through and change around the photos and titles etc. It’s been really helpful getting people’s views on the postage too and it is something I was aware of. I take your point on the many different items. It’s something I was also aware of but wasn’t quite sure what avenue to go down because it’s difficult when the creativity is just bursting out of you and I suppose I wanted to ‘test the waters’ so to speak and hopefully get some feedback and get an idea of what to focus on, it is a huge learning curve and I feel I might be getting somewhere and that all my hard work will pay off, fingers crossed! Once again, thank you all for the kind words of encouragement. I’m really looking forward to my time here on Folksy.

(Louise Stossich) #13


I’m also new to Folksy and looking for any advise at all - i’m interested in thoughts about what I do and also about postage costs as discussed by Camilla @folksycontent i’m wondering if they are too high! Also I have a variety of items for boys, girls and mums so hoping that the name covers that so it’s not to confusing. Any feedback would be very gratefully received and sorry to jump on your bandwagon Contours Albion. Contours Albion your page is very fresh and attractive and the teabags are certainly a fun idea! Good luck with your work

(Contours Albion) #14

Hi Louise, there’s no need to apologise! I’ve looked at your shop, it’s great and I love the car wrap it’s such a good idea. The postage seems OK to me, but as you can see I am also struggling in that regard so I might not be much help! Best of luck to you also.

(Littlelinsy) #15

Hi everyone I am new here to ,I have just finished setting up and listing ,could you all please pop by and see if I have done okay ,any advice more than welcome.
Thanks Lindsey