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Hello…i have just reopened and stocked my shop not much there just now but even with the items i have there is no interest or very little…i know if i stock more i may get more interest…any advice greatfully recieved…

Your jewellery looks great, I have just favourited your earrings :smile:
Maybe add some more photos and as you say just more stock to browse.
I really like the finish you have given your metal.
Best Wishes,

Welcome back! The theory behind your Folksy shop is YOU have to bring buyers in. Unlike E…y where they advertise and the buyers can then search for an item, this doesn’t happen here. Shame, I really like the British feel of this site. Promote your heart out, try Facebook, twitter, and Instagram, it will help. I have had sales from Instagram, so keep at it. Good luck. By the way, you will be included in your shop views too.

I really like your jewellery. It does help to have more items though, to give customers the feeling of choice. You do have to persevere on here but I think people will like your designs :slight_smile:

I find being on Instagram and showing my crafts on there, all my customers so far have seen my work on instagram and then I get them to click on my folksy shop and they buy my crafts

hope this is some help

As amberlily has said promotion is the key here - I had a look on your facebook page and whilst you mention your folksy shop regularly in your posts there is no link for people to click on to bring them here (there is a link to your other shop though). A quick scan through your ‘my creations’ pinterest board and I couldn’t find any of your folksy items pinned there, no mention of folksy on your blog either.
If you are hoping to pickup sales from browsers rather than people you have directed here then have you tried running a search to see how your items compare to similar listings? I ran a search for ‘copper earrings’ (seemed a reasonable search for your items) and there are 1360 items, lots of competion then, so are your photos ‘clickable’? (are people going to want to see more?) I think you could do with recropping some of them as in the search results they are missing bits of the jewellery (folksy recrops to square in search results) which is a shame as your designs are lovely.
Good Luck.

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I really love your jewellery and have favourite and pinned a couple of your pieces. Given just how much jewellery there is on Folksy yours is one of the few that really stands out to me. It is really different and just grabs me. I’m certainly no expert but to me your photography looks really good and shows off the jewellery very well. I would love to see more of your range and will definitely be keeping an eye on it. I particularly love this necklace. Keep doing what you are doing, I am sure you will start to see sales.

Fill in your Meet the maker page! I just had a look and it’s blank. It’s always nice to find out a bit about the person behind the designs.

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Good morning, I can’t really add anything to this thread in terms of advice but I just wanted to give you some moral support/encouragement/hope! I had very little interest when I first set up my shop and the few viewings that I did get never turned into sales and I started to get really disheartened and pretty fed up. Within a few days of promoting my shop on social media and joining in with discussions on here I got my first sale and I hope to get many more as I start to promote my shop more. Your products are lovely and unusual (in a good way) so I am sure with some promotion you will get those sales. Good luck

Hi there and welcome back:) I am not a too keen copper fan (more into colours, also a jewellery maker/artist here :smile:), but totally agree what Sasha said. Plot your links everywhere where you can. Maybe even try a SALE just on Folksy and advertise on your Facebook page, would bring more traffic and is like a snowball effect, people seeing it more, appears on the main wall if someone purchase or like your items. Advertise as an artisan jeweller.
Wish you good luck:)

Firstly sorry for the late reply…i have been awfully busy creating as much as possible :wink: my shop has more stock now still not much but more is on the way…thank you for all the advice ladies…Sasha Garrett i have mentioned folksy on my blog with a link :wink: and have a folksy pin board now Yay…:slight_smile: …so hopefully things will pick up…i hope to be able to keep adding new pieces as i go along but the weather is terrible i do however have my light tent set up…

I will visit all your pages and Thanks again xx

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Hi Labyrinth spirit. I have been watching your shop since you first posted on here, I’m glad you have filled in your meet the maker, it’s nice to learn something about you! I am absolutely in love with your jewellery and so tempted by a couple of your pieces but I am supposed to be buying for other people not myself!! I keep looking at that gemstone teardrop pendant it is so gorgeous. I also love the new pieces you have just added - all of them!!! I had a look at your facebook page and I love everything on there too!! :smiley:
I have a question, I am in all sorts of pain from various issues in my back and joints and one of the things I have tried is a copper bracelet, copper absorbed into the body is supposed to have some healing affect. I notice you say you seal your pieces, I’m curios if you know if this would mean it would loose that affect.
Anyway I hope you keep adding more of your beautiful jewellery and wish you loads of luck with sales in the run up to Christmas. x

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Thank you DewDropCrafts…i am hoping things take off now i have more in my shop :wink: still lots to come as well so fingers crossed…i have read about the bare copper and its properties with aches and pains…its not something i have been asked about before but possibly something i could think about in the not too distant future…x

Hi @DewDropCrafts I hope you don’t mind me jumping in here to answer your query. I spent 12 years working in pharmaceuticals and since I make some copper cuffs (and have had this discussion with clients) I looked into the health benefits of them. A double blind study (ie the patients didn’t know whether or not they were wearing copper or magnets or neither) found that there was no improvement in patients’ arthritis symptoms with wearing copper or magnets compared to the placebo. There was no improvement in the biomarkers so any improvements reported were psychological - the wearer thought their arthritis was better regardless of whether or not it actually was. I spent a few years working on anti depressants and have seen the clinical data for the placebo effect - the mind is a powerful thing. You can find a summary of the paper here, there is a more recent study (2013 University of York) that concluded the same thing but I can’t find a summary of that one.
So it won’t matter if the copper is sealed or not you just have to believe that it is helping. Also wearing something that you love will make you happy which can improve all sorts of secondary symptoms. Hopefully that has sold you on buying the pendant that you have fallen in love with.


Thanks Sasha I will take a look. x