Folksy Ltd

One day sale 24th April - post your offers here

(Hazel Rayfield) #1

This pretty flower vase is expiring today so its half price was £12 now £6 today only

(René Trewern) #2

Ssssssssssssssssssssold! :smile:

(Wendy Hough) #3

Thank you, that sorted out part of my mums birthday present.

If anyone is interested in anything in my shop, drop me a line and I will knock 40% off the price. We are moving next week, so trying to reduce the stress

(René Trewern) #4

Wendy, can you let me know what colour you want?

(Wendy Hough) #5

I think I sent you an email, but beige would be great please. Thanks

(René Trewern) #6

I never got anything, I sent you one too, lol. Okies. I will order the yarn tonight and get it done for you asap!

(Wendy Hough) #7

Very strange. I will try again to see if it works