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Having to have a sale 50% off

(Joanne Joyce) #1

Since my website provider have told me I can only have 500 items on my website and I have 760 I need to clear some space so I am offering 50% off a lot of my beads and findings.
Please take a peek :smile:

(Margaret Jackson) #2

Jo, is the sale on your website? If it is could we have a link please so I can go have a look?

(Joanne Joyce) #3

No Louisa, I have reduced some beads and findings on here, sadly not my lampwork beads just the imported stuff sorry :blush:

(Tracy Stevenson) #4

I will take a look :slight_smile: xx

(Rachel) #5

Oh I love a sale, so I packed my spending money in my purse and had a lovely time choosing - thank you for heads up and good luck with your number reduction, I hope I have helped a little :smiley:

(Joanne Joyce) #6

Thank you :slight_smile: yes you have. I will post them out to you tomorrow and thanks again :smile:

(Margaret Jackson) #7

I’ve found them now. I was looking in your shop under ‘sale’ and couldn’t find any beads and findings. That’s what confused me! :smile:

(Joanne Joyce) #8

lol sorry I forgot I had that section :open_mouth:

(Joanne Joyce) #9

I have added them to the sale section now :slight_smile:

(Joanne Joyce) #10

Thank you to those who bought thy will be in the post today :smile: