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One Day Sale Sunday 13 April - Post your offers here

(René Trewern) #1

£2 off today

(Linda Wild) #2

I have this lovely summery bag, it was £40 but just for today is just £28 inc UK P&P


(Margaret Jackson) #3

Great to see the one day promotion thread on here! love that bag Linda.

(Linda Wild) #4

Thanks Margaret :blush:

(Margaret Jackson) #5

If it was any day but Sunday I’d be buying that gorgeous bag, I’m trying very hard not to shop on Sundays though, so will sadly have to give it a miss.

(Silverspiral) #6

I like that idea Louisa, wonder if it would work for food shopping too :slight_smile:

(Margaret Jackson) #7

I find it easy enough normally to avoid buying anything on Sundays with a little careful planning. It helps in keeping the day special. If we needed something like milk, or petrol/food on a long journey then it can’t be helped, but I wouldn’t buy things I don’t need. It saves me a lot of money as it stops me from spending money on Folksy for one day a week!lol

Sometimes, if an item isn’t on a one day special offer I decide to buy the next day, but as a lot of my Folksy purchases are impulse buys, I’ve generally lost the initial enthusiasm by Monday! :smile: