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One WEEK SALE - 18 to 24 May - Post your offers here. (Alternative to One DAY sale)

(René Trewern) #1

Hello everyone…
I wondered if it would help views if we had a weekly Sale thread instead of a daily one.Often I leave sale items for a few days anyway. Feel free to give it a go!
Post your offer here and DO tell if your Sale item sold!
I will keep tally as best I can.

(René Trewern) #2

(Margaret Jackson) #3

I think a weekly thread is better, the daily threads pass so quickly and are easy to miss. Lovely hat Ella.

(René Trewern) #4

(Gerda Austin) #5

Hello , I have just added this funky Chicken bunting to my SPECIAL OFFERS section ! Please have a look … other bargains too ! x

Gerda x


(Ali Dufty) #6

I like the idea of a week long sale .
Here’s my offer for this week … RIBBON CARDS -BUY TWO, GET ONE FREE

Buy any two ribbon cards and receive a third free of charge . Just purchase two , then leave a message as to which freebie you would like ! Thanks for looking :smile:
Eg ;

(René Trewern) #7

20% off this week

(Gerda Austin) #8

I have added a zipper pouch to my SPECIAL OFFERS section ! x

Gerda x

(René Trewern) #9

£2 off this week

(René Trewern) #10

I’m away for the weekend, so may find it a bit tricky to start the next week sale. Is there anyone that will start the thread for me tomorrow?

(Hazel Rayfield) #11

I’ll start it today … Monday as I have only just seen your message :smile: