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Ordering as a guest

Just went into my Purchases to check an order placed from lovely Melanie at @feltmeupdesigns .
( I’ve had a robin and blue tit from her before so know what super little birds she makes).l

Oops no order. Checked my emails to make sure I had completed the order, yes,then remembered I’d gone into the Folksy front page after ordering wondering if my purchase would appear as just sold on the front page. To my surprise I had to sign in.

This means I just quite unknowingly raised and paid for and completed an order without being signed in and without realising it.
I know we want it to be easy for guests to buy but is it now a bit to easy to accidentally buy as a guest ? @folksycontent (will probably tell me it said so on the screen somewhere but if it did it wasn’t in very big writing cos I didn’t see anything).

Sorry Melanie won’t be able to give you feedback !

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Another point @folksycontent
I just checked both emails I received as a result of my guest purchase.
Neither email gives the name of the shop I bought from. Only Melanie the shop keeper’ name and her email address.

Why on earth does it not show @feltmeupdesigns anywhere - so if I decide to go back to that shop to buy something else…

I don’t want to but if I wanted to get in touch with the seller your instructions say "Get in touch with the seller by clicking on the ‘Contact’ link at the top of their shop page, "
eeeerr what if I don’t remember the shop name ?.

Can’t even click to get to look at what I just bought as I get a description with no hyperlink and if I were to copy paste into the search it won’t find it as it is now out of stock.

This is Not helpful for repeat business for any of us.

Please will you add the shop name to the purchase confirmation email - it needs to be on there.


i’ve done this by accident too @JOYSofGLASS - i bought something from a brand new seller and was gutted when i realised, as i’d really wanted to leave her great feedback to start her off.

at least @feltmeupdesigns will understand :slight_smile:
(i also have a robin, a blue tit & a magpie <-- i always think that’s the best feedback anyway, going back again & again.)

super annoying though!

Glad it’s not just me. :slight_smile:

I do think the omission of shop name / no obvious way to get back to the shop / listing you just ordered and paid for is a rather bad bug - which needs fixing …

Never noticed it before because I usually order signed in so go to my purchases on the dashboard - I did this time and was rather surprised not to find my lovely bird !.

Think the way I respond to orders may be positively the right thing to do.
I always put "Joysofglass Folksy Suncatcher’ as the message title.
I didn’t realise I was helping tjhe cuistomer find the shop they had just visited. Think in future I’m going to add a clickable url to my signature.

(until Folksy fix it anyway)

I did it on Wednesday too joy, I followed a link from the forum and bought a card without signing in, not realising I was signed out. I feel I should have been given the option to sign in or checkout as a guest.
I can’t leave feedback for my beautiful pug card :cry:


I bought something on Folksy a couple of weeks ago and in the confirmation email I got from Folksy it had, under the item name/price box the line “Item(s) ordered from: [shop name] ([shop email address]) [shop street address]”.

It would be nice if it was a link though, and not just the name, or if the item title was a link back to the item and therefore the shop too.

[edited to add] It just occurred to me that maybe it’s not the showing the shop name but the user name? So in my case the shop I ordered from has their shop name as their user name so it showed it. But if a shop had their user name as something different, like their first name for example, then that’s all that would show.

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H! I’m glad that you got the Pug card and like it. Means a lot!

Thank you.

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This order email gives only

Item(s) ordered from: Melanie Green (??? and her postal address

There is no mention of feltmeupdesigns

Same of course on the Paypal email - Melanie’s name and email address. No shop name.

My glass on Folksy is identifiable as JoysofGlass Not as Joy Salt’s. I have just checked the emails from a purchase a couple of weeks ago when I was signed in and same story. No shop name.

In fact I think it might always have been like this.

I hadn’t registered until now but looking through my own sales emails I can see that when I sell something my name is given not just as Joy Salt but as:

Joy (Joysofglass) Salt.

Took a moment to find it but that is the name I have set in my Profile as my ‘full name’.

So sheer chance but when someone buys from me they get both my name and my shop name.

So anyone else fancying letting customers know where they’ve just bought from - add your shop name within your full name in my Profile (well your profile of course).
@Beledien it might be that the shop you ordered from has their shop name in their profile full name.
Note this is different from the Shop appearance where you have entries for shop name and your name (optional). In that case mine show as Joysofglass and my name as Joy Salt only.

Very nice that card. Love the emu !

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Thank you! He is funny! Made me laugh when I photographed him!

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Thanks for the heads up - have just changed my full name to include my shop name.

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Yeah, I see now. It’s a very weird way to do it. It really should be a clickable shop name otherwise that is just confusing … especially since it’s not at all obvious as a seller that your profile name is what is going to appear in that email. It makes no sense for it not to be the shop name since, even without having a clickable link, as the shop name is searchable on the site.

Colour me perplexed.

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I am SOOO glad that when setting up I just filled in “Roses Workshop” onto everything - shop name, user name, email address, twitter name, etc. so it’s easy to search for. Of course clickable links would be better. . .

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I bought something last week and went into my account to show someone what I bought and it is not in my purchases. I was definitely logged in as I had to ask a question about it and I have a copy of that question to me as dottiedesigns (why do we get that?) and the reply! So assumedly I can’t leave feedback as my purchase doesn’t seem to be on the system. Very odd! I did check out with a credit card Guest style rather than paypal as I try and keep buying and selling separate. Another Folksy anomaly I guess!

PS It was from A very lovely shop with great products and perfect customer service! Quick delivery and gorgeous wrapping and presentation! There - at least I can leave some public feedback if not proper feedback!

One way to get round the problem is to pop the items into your favourites, and yes I know when you then purchase this item it goes opaque, but at least you have s record of the shop…not the best, just the solution I use.
Suzzie x


Just as a matter of interest the emails have been going out with only the Profile Full name and not the shop name since 1st April 2012.
Took an odd unsigned for order for me to notice !
Mine changed from
"Hello JOYSofGLASS," 26/3/12
"Hello Joy (Joysofglass) Salt", 1/4/12

Maybe I changed my name for some reason but really glad I did !

Thanks for flagging both these things up.
We know there’s an issue on the basket so some users aren’t aware that they’re not logged in and it’s on our list of things to sort. The other issue with the order notification is something we should be able to easily fix. We’ll look at them both tomorrow and hopefully get them sorted.

Camilla @folksycontent You’re a star :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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We’ve added (quite a big) notification on the shopping basket now that warns you if you’re not logged in and prompts you to either log in, join Folksy or continue as a guest.

Here’s a screenshot of how it looks on desktop…