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Possible online sales tax

Did anyone else get an email like this today…NOT from folksy…but would affect us all if it goes ahead…

The UK government is considering introducing an online sales tax that would hurt the e-commerce sector, in particular small and microbusinesses , who would bear the brunt of the tax.

Now more than ever, small businesses need to be able to sell goods online. That’s why we’re urging the government to avoid imposing a new online sales tax, and instead consider broader reforms to the business taxation system to ensure an even playing field for online and high street retailers.

But lawmakers won’t act on these ideas unless they hear from you—their constituents—directly.
I hope it doesn’t go ahead as we all struggle as it is…x


Too right. They should focus on collecting tax from the big players who currently try to avoid it rather than punishing those trying to make ends meet. Thanks for highlighting.


Yes, I did. I will sign the petition.

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Thanks for saying Brenda. I did here something about this a while ago. I’m hoping it will only apply depending how much you sell, maybe. Fingers crossed, will have to find and sign the petition.

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It looks as if this came in in May this year not really geared at us but more the digital service side and downloads etc. Unless this is something different then they were talking about income £25m per year.

well something is going on Caroline @Caroleecrafts as the dark side are sending out emails and asking people to sign their petition…and I know that it didn’t come from Folksy but might involve us here too
It doesn’t mention what you are talking about, which as I remember is a different issue altogether…this is something different xx

This link refers to the tax the UK Government are considering.


This was a suggestion way back in July … looks as if E *** have belatedly decided to jump about. A 2% online /digital tax came in last budget for the big players. Has anyone noticed? Probably not as it hasn’t been mentioned.

Stay calm. There are bigger things to worry about.


Sunak said last week he was still considering it. It frustrates me as I know it is intended to ensure that people who sell from their homes and there for don’t pay business rates ect are brought into line with high street stores, But i am an internet seller and have a warehouse with all the rates, and utilities that shops have so I hope that if they bring on a online sales tax people who are registered for business rates are exempt or we will be paying twice.


I received a similar email but I chose not to sign the petition. Why you ask? Well, I thought about Amazon, about how much of a hold they have on anything and everything and if the high street is to survive we surely need to level the playing field when it comes to international corporations like Amazon. Perhaps I need to read more into it yet that was my initial take on it all.


I know quite a few independent B&M and market stall holders - they are struggling - I really value their contribution to my town centre and buy from then as much as I can - I am not rushing to sign just yet, I totally get where you are coming from