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Problems uploading to store

I’m having problems uploading to the shop - it’s started telling me that it’s broken when I press the upload button at the end.
I’ve tried clearing it and starting over but it’s still doing the same.
Is it happening to anyone else?

Depending on the page the action may go through. I’ve been getting this when I go to relist, but it does complete the action.

It seems to have sorted itself out now - thanks. It was when re-listing. I tried a different item and that went through and when I went back to the original item I was having problems with it then worked.

I’ve been getting the same message on relists today - some went through anyway and others I needed to resubmit. I find this happens quite a lot but generally sorts itself out - even if I sometimes need to come back to it. I assume the system sometimes gets overloaded. Glad you got there in the end.

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Thank you!