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Problems with Folksy site

Anyone else having problems accessing some parts of Folksy? Keep getting Bad Gateway.

Yes, I have the same, 502 Bad Gateway.

Yes, I just emailed Support about it.

I’m getting this too

Just asked Folksy “what’s happening?” on Twitter

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Via Twitter " Grrr… Our gates aren’t opening @wittydawnuk - not sure why. We’re trying to fix it though. Sorry, sorry, sorry."

So they are on the case hopefully :slight_smile:


Sorry everyone! There is a problem and the site is currently down. We’re working hard to fix it though.

We’ll let you know what’s happening when we know more.

All back to normal for me now, thankyou!

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So it turns out that it might not have been a Folksy problem but something to do with a stack? But fingers crossed it’s all sorted out now. Thank you for bearing with us - and let us know if you get any more problems… with the site not loading , not with life in general :wink: