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Thanks so much for including my Christmas tree card Louise, I’ve actually picked you lovely snowman Christmas stocking for a board on Instagram tomorrow.
Hope you have a great market weekend. :blush:

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Obviously Folksy Friday’s theme is Squirrels. I was toying with the idea of Artisans taking place in the Folksy Christmas Market on Saturday… But…Will be posting this on Instagram tomorrow too. xxx

From Left to Right:-

Jacq @Bythecrookofmyhook
Sharen @OhhhWhatAYarn
Helen @Lellibellecards
Marjan @Marjansart
Folksy @folksycontent
Me @thegreetingscardshop
Angela @TheHedgerowArtist
Karen @TheCornishHare
and finally Helen @PocketfulCreations


Thanks for including my bag SallyAnn xx

Ooh thanks for including my earrings. :purple_heart::christmas_tree::purple_heart:

Thank you so much SallyAnn for including my card x

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Oooh yeah very organised!!! Thank you for including my gnome ornament!!! :relaxed::relaxed:

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Tuesday is St Andrew’s Day so I thought it was time for another Scottish board so here are some lovely Scottish themed items made in Scotland.

Makers are:


You’re welcome & thank you for including my Stocking on your board! :crossed_fingers: for a good weekend all round!

Cheers Lou

You’re welcome! I had to be organised as little man has an inset day tomorrow so I knew I wouldn’t get around to doing my Folksy Friday otherwise :rofl:

Cheers Lou

Thank you so much for including my wee boat picture in your St Andrew’s Day celebration…

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You are welcome, your pictures are just beautiful.


Happy Folksy Friday all! :wave:
Gone with Folksy Christmas Market this week… :christmas_tree:

Clockwise from top left…

StarletCharlotte @StarletCharlotte
Meldel crafts @meldelcrafts
The White Picket Fence Workshop @thewhitepicketfenceworkshop
Oruki Design @OrukiDesign
Donna Cheshire Textile Art @stitchdonna
Floral Linings @floral_linings
The Hedgerow Artist @the_hedgerow_artist
MuddMade @judymuddmade

Will pop on my IG soon!


Aww you sweetie, thank you for including my wind spinner in your gorgeous collection! xx

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You are welcome Helen. Sorry about the missing tag on Instagram.
Your work is loverly xxxxx

Ooh lovely board, thanks for featuring us, we’re looking forward to the weekend, good luck everyone :four_leaf_clover::heart::gift:

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Another Christmas board featuring @AliDufty @cariadcrafts11 moi @NaVa21Jewellery @rosesworkshop @Th3W3irdCrafters @PurplePixiesGifts @WhimsicalBells not necessarily in this order but possibly from left to right :rofl:


Thank you for including my tree on your lovely board. :blush:

Thanks so much for including my gift tags amongst your delicious selection!! :slight_smile: xx

Your very welcome :blush: I love mine! :heart:

Your very welcome :blush:
That cake stand is just fabulous! :heart:
Yes good luck to all! :grin: