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Hi Kirsty. I do have an Instagram account for another shop on E#$y but TBH it hasn’t made any difference to sales or visits (or lack thereof!) so far. I hope when I do a Folksy one at least I might get going with a base of followers etc, which is nice, but they will be other makers, not necessarily buyers! Haven’t managed to crack that one yet!! But for sure, the Folksy community is super supportive compared to ‘the dark side’.Wishing you the best for 2021😊

Can you not use the same Instagram Account? You can put both shops onto a Linktree page. I am a fairly new Instagram user and I am just getting to grips with it but I know I wouldn’t want to be trying to run 2 accounts!
All the best to you as well, I hope 2021 is an excellent year!

It’s a totally different shop (selling only jewellery) but will try Linktree when I set up a Bimble Bird page. I may be pestering you for advice on that​:laughing::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


This is my board ready for tomorrow.

I probably spend too long thinking about eating!

Heat resistant mats by @KirstyMacdonaldQuilts
Lime green and charcoal ceramic jug by @victoriajohnstonceramics
Tree of life candle holder by @polarstarpottery
Scoop turned in cherry by @WoodProductsbyRobinFawcett
Owl and Moon glasses by @MEFTdesign
Drizzle bowl by @CaractacusPots
Salt and Pepper by @Davidclews
Salad bowl and servers by @HowardLucasDesignerCraftsman


Thank you so much for including me in this. I don’t know how to put this sort of thing together, looks great! New years resolution… to learn how to!!
Thanks again


You are welcome, it’s a great jug.
I use Canva, the free version… It helps! I think someone posted how to do it somewhere at the start of this thread.

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Good afternoon all, I only just realised it was Friday so am a bit late with this today . Just put on Facebook. xxxx

@the sewing sparrow
@a star creations


Thank you so much for including my needle felted picture :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You’re welcome, so pretty xxx

Hi all,

Hope everyone is having a good new year despite the way things are going! Having started to prep my folksy Friday board at 8.45am this morning I’ve finally managed to get it posted on IG & FB :roll_eyes:. Better late than never :rofl:.


Have a good weekend all.

Cheers Lou


Thank you so much for including my bracelet :purple_heart:

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Thank you so much for using my earring image. I’m so useless with the forum, I can only really work out how to use Instagram. Happy new year x


This is my selection for Folksy Friday.
I love that you can put anything in the Folksy search and get a huge number of beautiful things!

Dragon Key Holder by @CelticSeren
Woolly Dragon by @KnittedKnonsense
Dragon Lapel Pin by @huiyitan
Dragon T-shirt by @XStitcherJoss
Handmade Journal by @WavecrestCrafts
Needle Felted Dragon by @ThistledownFelts
Dragon’s Egg by @parsnippottery
Steampunk Dragon Tote by @ClareSherwen


I’ve just put this one of my Facebook page.



Hi all, hope you having a good week! Here’s my folksy Friday for this week, on IG and FB.


Cheers Lou


I haven’t done one of these for a while. This week’s theme is cranes.
I’ll be sharing it to my FB and IG

Clockwise from top left


Thank you so much for including my purse @Sewtaylormadedesigns


Thank you Lou for posting my rainbow felt soap :rainbow:

I will get round to making a Folksy Friday one day, when I get my acts together with social media… in the meantime, take care of each other everyone (I have just lost a dear friend today and feel quite emotional…)


Hi Alexandra, you’re welcome it’s a lovely item. Sorry to hear about your friend, sending lots of hugs your way. Take care, Lou

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Sorry I’m not sure that I thanked you for doing this so Thank You. :slight_smile:
I’ll share it on my pages.
All the best,
Juliet of Absolutely Clay

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