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Quick question

(Oh Button Me) #1

I don’t know if this is a obvious question or not
But I have been looking in to making pocket mirrors. But it will turn out very expensive as I will have to buy a proper press to make them. Could I get a company to make them and sell them on here or is that not handmade?
How do other people on here make them have you got the press? And is it cost effective?

Sorry if it is a dim question

(Diane Burton) #2

I think if you’re using your own artwork then it’s OK to outsource the making of the mirrors (lots of artists have their pictures printed onto greeting cards) but if it’s someone else’s artwork I wouldn’t think so. If you’re not certain I would contact support and they will help.

(PoisonedAppleJewellery) #3

Ive designed my own mirrors and had somebody else make them. Folksy havnt said anything.
I don’t think its fair for a handmade site to expect people to fork out the money for things like mirror machines. As long as you make it clear in the description you have used your own designs then itl be ok.

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #4

I do pocket mirrors, along with badges, keyrings etc :smile:

I decided to save up and buy my own badge machine - if you think you will sell enough it’s worth it. I’ve had a few big orders, and lots of individual sales, so it’s been worth it for me, but it is a big outlay if you’re only going to sell a few.

I use this place:

You’ll need to decide what size you want to do, as there are several available, but you need a machine for each size (unless you’ve got a fortune to spend on a mega fancy one).

So long as your design is your own then you can outsource the production of them if you decide against buying your own machine.

I have to admit I do enjoy making badges etc, I find it quite theraputic :slight_smile:

(Oh Button Me) #5

Yes I found this web page when I was doing my research.

I think I will have to have a good think about it :confused: