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SA form question

I get quite a few craft items that I use in my work as presents, seeing as crafty things are all I ever ask for.
Do you include them as outgoings on your SA form, or don’t they need to be added as they are gifts and I didn’t pay for them?

If you buy something with work money but use some of it for personal stuff you are supposed to do a percentage reduction (eg if I buy a 10m roll of packing tape for £1 but use 1m for personal stuff I’m supposed to only claim 90p as a business expense) so if you are using something that is personal (and I would consider anything that you are given as a personal item) for business purposes you should be able to claim an amount as a business cost you just need to prove a reasonable value for the item. You could always phone up the HMRC help line and ask them to clarify.