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Safety Standards

Hi, I’m hoping for some advice.
I have just set up a small business selling craft supplies for children. I have purchased prepackaged items, but feel that I can make a more varied pack using several different suppliers. The problem is if I package these items myself I lose the descriptions and safety regulations. Of course I want to ensure that my customers have the correct information and safety advice.
Any suggestions on how I ensure my packaging follows the correct safety regulations, so I can offer my selections?
Thanks in advance.

I can’t help with your question but might be interested in your products for my grandchildren. Do have the link to your Folksy shop?

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Hi Kim

I have a Facebook page, Heady’s Hobbies and Gifts. But it’s all very new and have had quite a positive response which I am trying to keep up with lol. I want to do things right, and all the items I am using are of good standard, but I know some parents will want the correct advice and guidance. I have just found this webpage so will be adding my shop to the site shortly.
I do several different sizes and can personalise them for a child’s interests. Take a look and let me know what you are looking for.

Thanks for your interest and support.


I’m afraid it’s not acceptable for people to come on to the Folksy Forums to direct us to other sites. Perhaps you can ask again when your Folksy shop is up and running…

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I apologise, I have found a contact through the local trading standards who will help me.
When I am happy that I have all the correct information I will return and set up the folksy shop as required.
Please accept my apologies again.
Vanessa, see you again soon. :grinning: