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SALES, Offers and Promotions for week 16 - 22 JUNE - please post your offers here

(René Trewern) #1

Half Price!

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #2

Have added some items to the Sale section of my shop:


(René Trewern) #3

20% off

(Minerva) #4

Offer for today only - teens / ladies scarf

(Bea Custodio) #5

End of Spring SALE! The Floral, Blue Sky and Springtime
notebooks were £8.50 and now are £7.00. The pages are in Fabriano
Accademia acid-free paper, suitable for all drawing techniques as well
as opaque colour painting. Perfect for artists. Here is the Floral

Blue Sky notebook

And Springtime notebook

(Ali Dufty) #6

***** 10% off ANYTHING in my 'Homewares ’ section this week *****


Hope you have time to look . If interested , please make purchase as normal . The 10% will be refunded via PayPal . Ali x

(Olive Wood ) #7

chess and coffee table + free 4 olive wood wine cups

(René Trewern) #8

£6 off

(Benjamin Partridge) #9

I have a few lovely sale items on my shop at the moment including 1/3 off Storage Buckets and 10% or 20% off bunting designs!