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See how I do it ........ Paint using heat tools and encaustic wax!

I love to paint flowers and some of the comments I get about my art is that they are often a talking point, as people who see them are amazed when they are told the picture has been painted using melted wax and heat tools.

With this in mind I thought it might be fun to show this video I made a couple of years ago of me painting a sunflower.

I don’t have any sunflowers in my shop at the moment but I do have lots of other flowers - sweet peas - azaleas - hydrangea abs lots of poppies of course :slight_smile: and I paint commissions if you would like a sunflower !!!


Glad you liked it Stevie :slight_smile:

It’s nice for you to be able to have a video done of you working - did your OH do it? No-one wants to get near me when I have the iron and stylus out - I splash it way too far!

If I’d been recorded painting with wax when I first started, nearly 30 years ago, it would be on an old VHS tape hee hee hee! That’s showing my age!

I’ll supply some encaustic sunflowers for the thread :smile:

Hi Sara yes my husband filmed me painting - this was in 2013 … We have video’d a few different ones for my YouTube channel over the past few years, but none recently. I was commissioned last year to make a couple of videos for a company in the US who supply encaustic supplies - which was fun :slight_smile: the "out takes " were especially funny !!!

I make a lot of mess too lol

Wow 30 years painting Encaustic - that’s great - I started in 2011 having painted in other mediums before, for … let’s say a “few” years :wink:

Your sunflowers are very pretty :slight_smile:

I first did encaustic painting about 30 years ago as well…in those days it was a fairly new craft but now there are lots of encaustic groups where people do amazing artwork. I did many craft fairs selling my encaustic paintings and I bought Kelly her first encaustic set about 20 years ago…it is great fun and you can get amazing results with a tiny iron…brilliant.

It really is fun isn’t it Brenda :slight_smile: as you can tell I love it !!!

Wow Hazel! I was fascinated with that tutorial. The tool you were using is great-it looks like a cross between a dentists drill and a flat-iron. Wonderful!

Love Sam x

Thank you Sam glad you liked the video :slight_smile:

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Thanks for posting this - I had been wondering what this ‘encaustic wax’ was. What are you painting onto? It looks to shiny to be paper. Have you seen the youtube video of someone doing something similar but far less skillful with crayons and a hair dryer? Its more Jackson Pollock to your Van Gogh.

Lol Van Gogh lol

In this video I’m painting on to a specialist encaustic gloss card but I also paint onto other surfaces, some absorbent card and also Wood panels that I prime and a specialist encaustic board which is fun but takes s lot more wax and I use a different type of wax for them - they take a lot longer to dry months in fact where as on the card it’s dry in minutes if not seconds once heat is removed.

I do have other heat tools, several irons and stylus tools but also a hot plate and heat gun … Glad you liked the film - they are fun to make we really should do some more - just need more hours in the day lol