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Selling at craft fairs

I have organised my own craft fair locally with some good crafters , kept the tables at a fair price . Decided to do this as I have not sold on here for a long time and just wanted to see if what I was making was any good enough to sell ,
Well it was,a painting went , a felt picture , bags, a bunting .
So this has given me the confidence to stay on a bit longer in the hope I will sell again.


That sounds good, what a great thing to do and I’m glad you are not giving up. This summer has certainly been up and down for me on Folksy. I didn’t make any sales for the first three weeks of August and then I had my best week ever.

I think this is a good time of year for a craft fair, just after the children have gone back to school. Did you have many stall holders ?

Yes I had about nine as I had two tables so will do another one next year as they are very tiring at my age .

That’s great to hear, Im glad it went well for you.
Im taking this year off from craft fairs, I like selling at them as the thrill of actually making a sale is wonderful but I worked out I was making no profit what with the cost of insurance and table prices etc. So this year Im focusing on selling here. I could have listed about 1000 items for the same amount of money I spent on craft fairs last year!

Good luck to everyone on the run up to Xmas, the fairs are starting.

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Well done! I’m glad it went well for you.

I love doing craft fairs (if I sell well) but as Clare said, once you have deducted all costs of going, your profit margin can be very slim. I have decided to only do Xmas fairs but now having trouble getting in anywhere. Not willing to pay insurance for just one fair, so obviously restricted as to where to go. I’ll keep hoping I get some sales on here instead.

Hi! I’ve just booked to do my first ever craft fair at the end of October. Have you guys got any tips for me? Mainly I’m wondering about how to know if I have made enough stock… I’ve no idea how much I’m likely to sell (if anything). I’m thinking of getting a little receipt book & also business cards to hand out. How can I be sure the organiser is promoting it well enough? I’ve got visions of being stuck in a freezing hall at the end of October and nobody buying anything at all! Any tips much appreciated, thanks in advance!

I do a lot of craft fairs and it is difficult to predict how much you are going to sell. Business cards on your table are a good idea as some people may not buy on the day but may contact you later to buy something. Make sure you have paper bags to put your customers purchases in, plenty of change, pen and notebook, (drinks & snacks) and don’t be afraid to chat to people and tell them how your products are made. Unfortunately it can be trial and error until you know which events are suited to you, I have been to some that I would not go to again because of poor organisation and poor promoting (don’t forget to spread the word yourself too!) but lots of successful ones too! Here is a link to the “Folksy Blog” page which gives some useful tips

Hopefully yours will go well and Good Luck☺

Brilliant, thanks a lot for your reply :+1:

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I have just come back from a craft fair.
I stood the whole duration.
I made eye contact with anyone who would look at me.
Said ‘hello’ to anyone who smiled.
Had cards for those people who may come and look me up later.
Nobody had heard of folksy
People actually walked past and didn’t even hesitate for one jot.
I didn’t sell a single thing.
I can honestly say I have never been quite so disheartened in a very long time.
Thank goodness for all my folksy friends, who I know share my pain, thank you all for being a wonderful bunch of supportive virtual friends.
This was the first fair of the season and maybe people aren’t quite ready for it yet.
I will keep on smiling because I know the customers who find me and buy from me are all very happy and love what I do.
So with chin up, a smile on my face, I resolve to carry on knitting and making what I do best.
Suzzie xx


Craft fairs can be super fun or the most miserable experience going!
Just got back from day 1 of a 2 day event. First 5.5hrs - no interest, no sales then from 3:30 onwards things picked up so overall not a bad day.
Luckily this particular fair is a really friendly event and when sales are quiet its more like a crafters social than a craft fair so enjoyable either way - there are many I have been to where other crafters won’t even look at you let alone talk to you.
Tomorrow is another day and at least I can go knowing I am already in profit for the weekend so anything more is a bonus.

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Hope you have a good day and more sales.

Don’t give up!! I have had the same happen to me. But try again. it’s getting the right people and next time you might sell loads!

I think this fair was just too uber trendy, I think my stuff is more in the vintage category, I know I certainly felt in that category! I had the wrong colour hair, no beard(!), and didn’t have any vinyl on my stall! Brilliant fair, some amazingly talented sellers, just not the one for me and my customers. Live and learn. A week on I don’t feel quite so bruised and hurt. Bags already packed for next Friday!
Thank you for your kind words, much appreciated.
Suzzie x

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