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Setting Postage charges

It would be fabulous if we could set postage charges to avoid having to go into every item to change the cost when prices change.

I think there is a way.
On your dashboard there is a ‘Bulk edit listings’ function to edit postage, but I have never used it so not sure how it’s done…

@Theresa1 go to your dashboard and select the bulk edit function. Tick each of the items you want to change/set the postage for then click Set postage costs and away you go :grinning:

Ooh I hadn’t noticed that, that’s helpful!

Although I wish we didn’t have to write in all the prices every time we list a new item, a few times now I’ve gone back to one and realised I put £9.50 for additional items instead of £0.50.

Thank you so much everyone - unsure how I missed bulk edit listings before!
Easy Peasy…