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Sewing essentials

(Patrick Moriarty) #1

I went on a few short sewing courses recently and one of the tutors recommended buying a pin cushion with sand in it as it keeps the pins sharp. Does anyone have one for sale? maybe with an quirky animal motif to suit my screen printed fabrics. thanks!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

Graphite ones are even better but can be expensive and even the tiny ones are heavy.

(Patrick Moriarty) #3

thanks Eileen. OK i will check out graphite ones. I will keep your shop on record as i like your selection of wooden buttons. The beanies are cool too.

(Christine Shephard) #4

My pins tend to get bent or broken long before they get blunt, so I’ve never worried too much about the filling! An old sewing friend once told me that small fabric scraps make the best filling for pincushions but I’ve never put it to the test.

(Patrick Moriarty) #5

Hi Christine, you’re right, they do bend and break. I’ll bear it in mind. thanks very much. I like the way all your products are unique one-offs.

(Christine Shephard) #6

Thanks Patrick @paisleypower, I’m in love with your gorgeous fabrics! :smile: