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Shades of Green

(Plumporridge) #1525

Make up bag in green Liberty fabric

(Emma) #1526

(Minerva) #1527

(Julia K Walton) #1528

A handy card for saying ‘thank you’ for your Christmas gifts (hopefully!) :wink:

(Stephanie Short) #1529

Festive fir trees, some in green

(Claire Mead) #1530

Pale green and dark green

(Lynn Britton) #1531

Fancy mitts

(Samantha Stanley) #1532

Lovely green flash in this natural boulder opal!

Sam, x

(Su Mwamba) #1533

(Su Mwamba) #1534

A couple more greens:
More additions to my printed notebook range (designs from earlier original collages):

(Julia K Walton) #1535

An art quilt from me today:

(Sarah Eves) #1536


(Ali Dufty) #1537

Gorgeously soft alpaca /wool blend earwarmers . Perfect for nippy mornings :slight_smile:

(MollyMoochins) #1538

Felt & sequin Christmas trees

(Emma) #1539

(Lynn Britton) #1540

Green with mustard

(Thatenamelguy) #1541

(JaxEnamelledJewellery) #1542

This lovely, tactile, multilayered piece has great depths and reminds me greatly of a (very sophisticated!) pond. True, it has no frogs in it, but the longer you gaze into its brilliant depths, the more colours emerge, from palest lime to deepest leaf green, by way of pale jade. It even has some tiny copper ‘bubbles’ under the surface! It is a truly meditative piece.

Layers of opaque and transparent greens and blues have resulted in a landscape of earthy greens and sea blues to add impact to any outfit.

(Witty Dawn) #1543

cat and mouse in vintage fabric

(Jamiejack) #1544