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Shop logo help

I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to change my logo from the standard plain letter B logo to one that I have chosen myself. I have uploaded my photo on numerous occassions but it always stays the same.

I expect you’ve tried everything but once you have uploaded your avatar and pressed “save changes” on the dialog box you are returned to your account info screen and there is a “save changes” at the bottom of that screen that you need to click on too. I seem to remember it took an age for me to figure it out and I’m pretty sure thats what I was doing wrong.

If that doesn’t work then I can only suggest you email support.

I’m not sure, but I think the logo for the forum may be different. If you go to the B logo at the top of the forum page and click on it. Underneath, it will say your name in grey, and also in that bar is a cog. Click on the cog and that opens up a whole new window, including a link to change your profile picture. Don’t forget to ‘save changes’ at the bottom. Hope this is helpful.

Waves at Sue and Roz - Thank you for your help as you can see I have now done it.
I have tried several times and would never have found where to do it so thank you for your help.