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Show me your Car's..... or any other vehicles

I’ve listed a Yellow Car, what car’s do you have in your shop, if you don’t have a car do you have any other sort of transport? :slight_smile: :oncoming_taxi:

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It might not look like a vehicle but the ‘stone’ set in this pendant is called fordite and is layers of cured car paint that built up in the spray booths at the car plants (in this case Ford’s Dagenham plant) so in a way it is actually part of a car.

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I love Fordite, my dad used to be a sheet metal worker and the inside of the spray booth had some lovely layering :slight_smile:

I’ve got a vintage car in my shop, and it’s in my reduced to clear section too :slight_smile:

I’m new to this part of folksy. I have a selection of toy articulated wooden lorries in Gift of Wood :slight_smile:


If he smuggled any lumps of the rough out of the spray booths let me know - its getting really hard to find and I have a man who can cut and polish it for me.

Lots of car, boat, plane & train photographic cards in my shop,

Lots of car, boat, train & plane photographic cards in my shop.
Derek Wootton.

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Ok so my bicycle isn’t actually for sale, but this being her best side, is shown off by her beautiful ladies saddle tool bag!


Not mine, but certainly cute!

This would be one of my ideal cars:-

Sadly, these are not available in my shop!

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It was a family business, now closed, we used to collect it as kids and play with it, unfortunately we don’t have any left. It was quite a few years ago, mainly blues, greys, greens etc. It was pretty. x

This one is available

These sold last year, but similar can be made again!

A teeny car from me!

Helicopters and racing cars fabric fat quarters from my supplies section.

I have lots of transport! Personalised cards for little boys!