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Show me your Car's..... or any other vehicles

Here’s my 1967 vw camper…would love to hear what you all think? x

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I have loads of cars!

How about this pick-up truck in Greece!

A vintage car card from me…

Jeanie x

A funky box pouch from me

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These are some cushions I have in my shop

Lesley :smile:


Another car card from me…

Jeanie x

I have this car card.

Not quite a car but related to cars and other motor vehicles!

I make clocks out of genuine used American license plates. Each state has it’s own plate design so there are a wonderful range of plates to choose from.

I currently have a few clocks listed but plan to be adding more over the next few weeks.

A personalised car card.

O O O we are so excited!!
We are about to take our old 17 year old peugeot with its 160,000 miles on the clock, and its HUGE dent on the drivers door that has been there for 10 years (Mark did it with his work vehicle 3 months after we bought it! Doh!), its knocking noises, rusty under carriage and temperamental windscreen wipers, to the scrap yard.
And get a newer (10 year old) peugeot that I borrowed as a courtesy car a few weeks ago from the garage.
Just waiting for him to give it a full service, change the cam belt and windscreen, then its all ours.
We can finally relax when driving - I have been having visions of it falling apart like something out of a cartoon, probably on our next trip to our french house!!!

Edible icing Cake decoration/ topper - perfect for 7" or larger cakes

The iconic camper van. Instantly recognisable and a symbol of the freedom of ‘road-trips’ for generation after generation. Hand-Drawn burnt into the wood using a pyrographic pen then hand-painted. I can create ‘Camper Van’ earrings to your choice of colour by request.

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How about a bicycle?

A sporty vintage car for Father’s Day.

Fun tractor bunting.

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Another of my camper vans