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(Nobias Art) #61

Showing a blue felted wool jewellery set:) <img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/b/b650c3a73a110b24bbe8a1a3e2c1f1c6e09e411b.JPG" width=“499” height="332

(Jacqueline Ostrowka) #62

wow really loved looking through your pics
Here is a commission piece for a 18th from last year

apart from jewellery i also sew and made these for my grankids a few years ago

And a prom dress for my cousins daughter

I like to keep my hands busy lol

(Claire Mead) #63

I made this mini coin purse key ring and was it was bought the next day by a work colleague.

(Kam) #64

This is quite a sad one. This was commissioned by a lady who had lost her baby…it was quite challenging as she also sent me her scan photo of her little one at 12 weeks :pensive:

(Deborah Jones) #65

I usually forget to take pics of my custom makes but here is my financially most ambitious to date.
18ct gold macaroni necklace.

(Dawn Sneesby) #66

Brenda, they are absolutely beautiful, they must take forever to make.

(Melanie Commins) #67

I made this for my Mum for mother’s day this year (she really likes things that have words on them!)

(Stephanie Pearce) #68

This sewing machine cover and teacup pincushion were my sisters christmas present last year

(Karen Nelson) #69

I made this for myself

(Kelly) #70

The colours are lovely together Karen. x @oohthatsnice

(Deborah Jones) #71

you look fabulous in it Karen , stunning fabric !

(Karen Nelson) #72

Thanks the pattern fabric is silk, so it was a little difficult to work with bit I love the result

(Elizabeth Marsden) #73

I found a lovely old bit if viscose in a charity shop and thought I’d make a blouse for myself. Half way through I decided to leave off the collar to make it look a bit 50’s.
Finding my self with a spair collar I made it into another blouse - don’t know where I’ll wear it!

(Silvapagan) #74

A friend at work had wanted to go to Borneo for her 40th birthday a couple of years ago, but developed epilepsy which meant she couldn’t fly. So I made her this chap so she could still cuddle an orangutang. I wish I’d written down the instructions as I went though!

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(Detola and Geek) #75

Made these recently (just pretend you cant see the peacock feathers one)

(AvenueFurnishings) #76

I recently decorated my little boys room and it was so much fun. He was just really excited about everything. I made hand sewn curtains, lampshades, cushions, bean bag and up cycled all the furniture. Just got some wall hangings to make and it’ll all be finished.

(Grimm Exhibition) #77

Here are some pendants, pre and apres(?) soldering. Ive ordered some necklace ends off ebay so at least I can buy the coloured cord I like to go with the pendant design. Hopefully you can see ive used 3 layers of glass and put pieces on different levels.

(Claire Mead) #78

I have made this great little key rings this week for a shop to sell. They are mini oilcloth coin purses and hang from keys perfectly and also fit lip vaseline. I have a few others in my shop but these are unique and one off.

(Theresa Hing) #79

Gorgeous necklace Deborah. Must have been expensive to make!

(Kim Blythe) #80

My daughters wedding cake. She wanted it very simple…if it had been down to me there would have been lots of royal icing!