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Show your SALE items

(Helen Healey) #1

I’ve further reduced the price of this reversible cushion which is now £5

(Helen Healey) #2

Half price Christmas stocking tree decorations. I have a number of these which are now half price and are in my SALE collection.

(Kim Blythe) #3

These 2 bags are now half the original price…

(Grimm Exhibition) #4

I have prints and make up bags on sale

(Sarah Eves) #5

A fox cushion.

(Caroline Wong) #6

(Alexi Francis) #7

A ‘Silver Hare’ painting:

(Sarah Eves) #8

An owl cushion in the sale!
Was £28, now £18.

(Steph Short Supplies) #9

especially for those early birds​:wink::wink:


It will be summer the other side of the world soon!!

(Kim Blythe) #11

I have just added this clutch bag to the reduced section of my shop

(Christine E.) #12

Everything in my shop is reduced with code HAPPY2. Last day of sale!..

(Lily Lily Handmade) #13

(Sue Beacham) #14

These are sale items, I also have more, please take a look


(Sarah Eves) #15

Keeping eggs cosy!

(Christine E.) #16

I’ve reduced the price of all my children’s tote bags- I think they’d be great Christmas presents for little ones who like to help with the shopping, and none of that “Girls only like pink” nonsense! :slight_smile:

(Kim Blythe) #17

I have just reduced this embroidered tote bag from £19 to £15

(Christine E.) #18

Everything’s sale price in my shop until the end of this month with code HAPPY2, for 15% off. Last chance to buy my pewter jewellery as I’m not making it any more…

(Minerva) #19

(Linda Wild) #20

As I’m no longer making jewellery to sell, I’ve decided to sell these lucky dip jewellery bags. They will contain a random mix of jewellery at a bargain price of £10