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Songs about craft

(Camilla) #1

Lauren Laverne is looking for Arts and Crafts songs for her 6Music show.

Can anyone knit her a playlist? If you can, tweet it to @laurenlaverne and @bbc6music and tag it #peoplesplaylist

Tell us your suggestions - and maybe we can make a special Folksy Spotify playlist full of crafty tunes too.

(PoisonedAppleJewellery) #2

Trying to think of something.
This popped into my head, Cinderellas mice making her a dress.

(Jo Sara) #5

Breaking Glass - Bowie seems to fit me :smile:

Edited to say actually Bandages - Hot Hot Heat fits me even better at the mo, I’ve just sliced the top of my thumb on a shard :thumbsdown:

(Christine E.) #7

The songs I can think of are going back a decade or four! I remember one that goes “A sewing machine, a sewing machine a girl’s best friend…” Apparently it was sung by Betty Hutton in “The Perils of Pauline”. “Scarborough Fair” mentions a few impossible craft tasks.“If I were a Carpenter” used to make my teenage self squirm when it came on the radio when my parents were in the room- something about “would you have my baby?” seemed very embarrassing! Perhaps not up to date enough for Lauren :slight_smile:

(Phoenixprojects) #8

I remember a song called 'Matchstalk Men and Matchstalk Cats and Dogs, by Brian and Michael. It was about L.S.Lowry! It’s from quite a time ago, though!

(Deborah Jones) #9

Talking of sewing machines there was “Pearls a Singer” by Elkie Brooks.

My children used to sing one called “Wind the bobbin up” which presumably was about spinning or weaving.

One that is suitable for me is “If I had a hammer”

(Samantha Stanley) #10

Tapestry by Carole King. Just use the whole album! My Mum had this on vinyl and the cover art would be great for this theme-I especially remember the cat.

Love Sam x

(Camilla) #11

I’ve made a Spotify playlist with your suggestions and the ones Lauren played this morning on her People’s Playlist!

It’s a collaborative playlist, so feel free to add lots and lots more songs about craft!!

(Helen Smith) #12

Songs about craft is tricky, songs with a passing reference to craft is easier…

One of my faves is Sewn by The Feeling - the video is seriously creepy though so don’t watch if you’re sensitive!

And there’re a couple by Tinpan Orange
Song for Frida Kahlo
and Lovely

(Sally Eira) #13

is there a song called ‘needles & pins’ - i think really old