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Stainless steel wire

Hi please can someone advise me on where i can purchase at ok prices 16 guage stainless steel wire for making head pins etc … in stryggling to find

I use this company for my tinned copper wire.
They have a stainless steel section :

I love the way the folksy forums are so friendly, and everyone is willing to chip in and give advice, however I have noticed that Kellzcreations is constantly asking for advice and yet has nothing in her shop. It took me several years at art college followed by years more of learning on my own to get where I am today, often making expensive mistakes on the way. Should we really be giving all our trade secrets away?


This is a liitle unfair… how do u think people get started with doing the best they can ? They ask advice … they reaearch and hope people who have been there and done it will give valuble advice to help others . Everyone will create different peices . Which will be unique . So asking advice on where best to purchase things and where people advise best surely isnt giving away abything harmfull. I havent listed anything as if yet because im in early stages of creating my collection and learning best ways to do so! Dont worry about it il go eles where!

Im a stay at home mum . With a passion to be creative … i didnt go to art college. I regret . My life didnt allow me to and my circumstances made it hard . I dont have loads of money … i do struggle . I try my best … so any advise on best prices and quality and info on best materials for different things is so helpfull in my quest to start something i enjoy .

And i am taking classes and spending hours and hours self teaching myself . And trying to educate myself . Not just exspecting the answers to be jut handed to me

@KellzCreations - No harm at all in asking questions, if people don’t want to answer then they won’t.

@SueTrevor - I hope that was a joke?? If not, then as I said above, if you don’t want to answer then don’t, but let others make their own choice.

And, I use for my wire too. Although I’m not a jeweller.

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Thankyou … helen . It actually upset me a little …so thankyou xx

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Don’t get upset. Sometimes asking is the only way to find things out. I’m always asking for help.


Im just confused … i want to make my own headpins . Clasps and pendants using stainless steel … i think i need half hard . Im thinking 18 gauge for cladps .jump rings . 20ish for head pins etc … but most places are soft / dead soft . Im confused . Any enlightenment

Ive seen artistic wire . Thats not coloured copper but its soft . And mot sure if this is strong enough

If you make your own headpins with too hard a wire you won’t be able (or you will find it extremely difficult) to manipulate them. I would and do used a thinner gauge wire. I guess it depends what you are planning on using it for but jewellery weight items don’t usually need.

I would use 0.6-0.8 mm, sorry don’t know the gauge.

Alchemy&Ice have a good selection of wires.

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