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Stenciling onto fabric

Hey there!
I recently bought a heated stencil cutter. Which I’m still getting used too!
I gave up on screen printing because my set up made it too ‘hit and miss’ so thought this would be an ideal solution for a similar result.

I cut a stencil today and it looks gorgeous, but when sponging- some of the fabric paint has bled under the stencil.
Any tips?
Is there some kind of temporary adhesive I could use to stick the stencil to the fabric, that might minimise the bleed maybe?

Also, does anyone know if you can spraypaint onto fabric? Does it wash out.
I’m looking to put my work into t shirts and totes. :slight_smile:

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Hiya! I only have experience of stencilling at home - I’ve added some random butterflies on walls round the house (as you do :rofl:) & I added a border along the bottom of a boring roller blind. With that limited experience I found the best way to avoid bleeding is to use a really small amount of paint & build it up in layers. I found this was good too as you can change colours to get different shading within the stencil (if that makes sense!)

To get the stencils stuck I used Fast Tak spray (blue tak in a can!) Takes a bit of practise so would have a go with just paper first. Also probably check it’s compatible with your fabric too - my blind was already old so I wasn’t too worried about leaving the odd sticky bit (although it does seem to come off OK).

Spray painting I have no idea but it sounds fun! xx

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Odif 505 Temp Fix Spray is the best spray to adhere your stencil to the fabric first.

Is your sponge dry? ie no water added. If it is best to have some clean kitchen paper and dab off the excess paint first, so almost dry. Then dab as normal stencilling, as Dee says build up the colour. Best to wash the fabric first with no conditioner this will remove the sizing. Us the 505 to apply the stencil to your fabric then pounce with a sponge or stencilling brush. Making sure you use fabric paint or paint mixed with a textile medium.

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I used to paint my t-shirts and would use double sided tape to stick down the stencil… I imagine some kind of spray adhesive is better/quicker than lots of little bits of tape.

I did do a couple of t-shirts with silver spray paint, but I would spray a layer of silver, immediately paint over it with a layer of fabric medium, and then do another layer of spray. If I didn’t use the medium then it started to wash out pretty quickly, and the silver went a bit muddy after I put the medium on, so the final spray got the shine back.

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For stencilling I usually hold the stencil in place with masking tape…it doesn’t leave a mark when removed also I have been hand painting and drawing with pens on doll velour which is very difficult as it’s a textured fabric. On My first attempt with pens they blead a little…the last time I sprayed the fabric with hairspray then let it dry thoroughly before attempting to draw the face, It worked !

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Hey everyone! I just wanted to say thanks for all your advice and sorry I haven’t said that sooner!

In the end I decided to use screen printing ink, and bought myself some spray adhesive for fabric- which has made the world of difference!
In the meantime I’ve also been ambitious by using TWO ‘colours’. oh yeah!



Oooh spray adhesive for fabric…is that to stop it bleading? …perhaps that would work on my doll velour faces :blush: