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Glue for fabric

(Inglivintage) #1

What is the best kind of glue for fixing fabric to paper/card to make covered notebooks - any recommendations?

(Roz) #2

I have used PVA in the past and it works ok but make sure you don’t use too much or it will soak through the fabric and stain it. Make sure you use a good quality one for the edges not a thin runny one - I seem to remember there is a PVA glue made by pritt that is clear and quite thick which seemed better that the thin white school glues but I guess it is just trial and error. I occasionally used a glue gun for stubborn bits around the edges that wouldn’t stick but don’t think my glue gun or my technique was good enough to use it for the whole cover!

(madebyluba) #3

I remember a couple of years ago on Ideal World seeing someone using bookbinding glue for sticking fabric to cardboard for ornaments. I think the company was called Pinflair, but I don’t know if they sold the glue separately, as they were demonstrating their kits. Came in a tub with a spreader. Worth a google?

(Diane Burton) #4

I’ve bought book-binding glue on it’s own from Pinflair, just make sure you spread it very thinly, you don’t need a lot. It does have a habit of drying out in the tub before I finish it all (but that could be because I don’t use it very often) but I’ve found a layer of cling film on the surface of the glue before I put the lid back on helps keep it usable.

(Helen Smith) #5

When I used to make books I used PVA, the trick I found was to be fairly generous but then to leave it to go tacky before you put the fabric on. Then press the covers between boards under weights (a sewing machine is a good weight!) while they are drying to keep them flat.

(Inglivintage) #6

Thanks - I have tried the white PVA, but it seemed to soak through the fabric - I’ll have a look at Pritt supplies.

(Inglivintage) #7

Thanks - I’ll have a look on Ideal world.

(Inglivintage) #8

Thanks for the tips - on my first attempt I ended up with more glue on me than the notebook!

(Sasha Garrett) #9

Last time I needed to fix fabric to something (thin wood in my case) I used reinforced double sided tape from my local screwfix. No issues at all with it seeping through the fabric and no sticky fingers either.

(Susannah Ayre) #10

Can I jump in here please and ask a similar (ish) question rather than starting a new thread?
I am looking to attach some suede fabric to leather (it’s the strap of a bag) as it’s come away from constantly being used.
Husband assumed superglue would work as in his mind superglue attaches anything to everything…he learned this was wrong in this case however.

With both materials being very porous I wasn’t sure whether a normal fabric glue would do it?
It’s also a well worn area so need it to really work.

Any ideas? Unfortunately I’m a print maker and have no clue when it comes to fabric related crafts.

Thank you- and sorry again- just seemed silly starting a new thread for something fairly similar. :blush: Hope you don’t mind!

(Sasha Garrett) #11

Based on my leather bags (bought or made for me rather than made by me) I think it really needs to be rivetted and sewn especially if it is going to support any great weight. You could try 2 part epoxy (apply a thin smear to each piece and let it go tacky before pressing together) but I really do think that a rivet and stitching is required.

(sejleather) #12

Use a contact adhesive, and apply it to both the suede and the leather (i.e. both pieces to be stuck) and allow to dry to tacky stage (approx 10 minutes) then press together and ideally clamp together or use a press or apply weight.

You could stitch afterwards, but I wouldn’t personally advise the use of rivets.

(Leathermeister) #13

@curiousseagull Use contact adhesive (eg. evo stick)on both sides allow to go tacky press together and then hold with a clamp of similar around 2 pieces of wood to protect the leather. Finish with a bit of stitching but realistically your best bet is to use what woman have used for generations a good deal of eye fluttering and sad faces (polite version) and get the cheapskate to buy you a new bag. It works for me and my Hubby makes leather bags.

(Susannah Ayre) #14

Thanks for taking the time to reply @SashaGarrett @sejleather @leathermeister :blush:
I got the bag almost 2 years ago and it only recently started to come apart- I use it every day for work, it’s a satchel and it’s the top part of the long strap where it sits on my shoulder that began to come away. It hasn’t been sewn or rivvited anywhere else on the bag or the strap so I don’t want to do that to it.
I will look into the contact adhesive I think! Thank you!!
I would normally just get a new one but I really love it. It’s a gorgeous mid/light brown leather with turquoise suede detail and turquoise fixings. I’d never seen a bag like it before which is why I needed it! Haha it’s a decent sized satchel as well (big enough for a laptop) so serves me perfectly. And it still has that lovely leather smell 2 years on. Haha

Thanks though folks! Totally appreciate it! It gives me something to look into anyway! We have a little workshop so I can clamp it once it’s been glued…best get looking! :blush:

(Brenda Cumming) #15

I used to stick a lot of fabric…(motifs to knitwear) and I always used Copydex because it was also washable…the large pots also come with a nice brush for application.

(Louise Knight-Richardson) #16

Gutermann HT2 or Cartonnage glue should work nicely :slight_smile: