Struggling with Pinterest

Hi I’m struggling with Pinterest.I keep putting url in my folksy account and it won’t accept it.It accepted my instagram one but not Pinterest.Also I read you can pin your shop products directly to Pinterest.I can’t find the icon to do this as suggested.I’m really confused with Pinterest.Thanks

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Hi ya,

Not sure why the URL won’t work, but I can answer the 2nd question! There used to be a pin it button on the item pages but this was slowing the pages down so it was taken away when they revamped the item pages.

I use chrome as my internet browser and have the pinterest plug in for it which makes it easy to pin things from Folksy as well as other sites.

Hope this helps,

Cheers Lou

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Oh Thankyou was wondering why.

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I think the option to pin comes up immediately after you have listed an item, but I’m not a 100% sure.

Thanks I got one to put on today so I have a look.I will work Pinterest out one day.

You do have the option to pin when you list an item.

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I was able to pin it when I put a item on.Thankyou.By the way love your books and dolls.Will be getting some items for my granddaughter who is name maisy.