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Studio share opportunity in Woolwich

(Tricia Holland) #1

Hello, I am a Folksy designer-maker now working from a lovely studio.
I just wanted to give some details about this opportunity. The studio is in Woolwich and overlooks the river with great light from 2 large windows. It’s a large studio (390feet2) which is used by two of us, but there is plenty of room for a 3rd person. The rent is £390 a month so would be £130 a month each (£32.50/week). Have a look at the website of the studios; it has great facilities (printing studio/ canteen/gallery) -
If you would like to arrange to see it please let me know, or if you have any other questions just message me.
Just noticed on this page of website there’s a photo of our studio - last 2 windows on the right on the 2nd floor -
Kind regards