Folksy Ltd

Sharing a space in Shoreditch High Street

(Wanderings) #1

Hello! My name is Zen and I sell my handmade jewellery. To capitalise on the Christmas crowd and to build my brand online, I am taking a shop in Nov & Dec on Shoreditch High Street. It’ll be dedicated solely to British handmade and I already have 6 British social media influencers who’ve agreed to publicise it. Wondering if anyone would be interested in sharing the space? Unlike a craft fair, you wouldn’t have to sit there from 9 to 5 as I’ll be there all day :slight_smile: It’ll be starting from about £7 per day + 20% commission (minimum 2 weeks commitment) Email me at if you are keen or want to find out more- I have a deck with more details on footfall etc :slight_smile: Happy crafting all! :slight_smile: P.S. Still waiting for my 1st Folksy sale. Boo!!