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Suggestions for Christening Gifts please!

We’re going to be compiling a guide for Christening Gifts on Folksy soon, so we’re looking for your suggestions for cards and presents, for both boys and girls.

Please post any suggestions here along with a link to the product. Thank you!

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I have these personalised Christening Print and card Sets.

Plus Naming Pictures that would make lovely Christening Gifts.

Plus these cards and many more prints and cards in my shop.

Maybe knitted bows for the boys?

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I have these letters - haven’t worked out the boy version yet but thinking hard!

A painting of the church

Not strictly a Christening card but I can make these as Christening invitations personalised with the details of your baby’s special day and in any colour you like :slight_smile:

I will be doing Christening invites soon…too! On my list!

I have some personalised fabric names which are very popular:

and also:

Plus the most beautiful keepsake Christening cards, which can be framed after use:

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Daisy would make a lovely Christening gift in her white work embroidered gown
<imgsrc="//" width=“300” height=“400”>

My Bunny clothes hangers are perfect, and the bears arn’t half bad either!

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This trinket box was bought as a Christening gift and I’ve got more in my shop here:

These ABC letters would look great in a nursery and you can choose custom maps. Maybe where the baby was born, where the christening is and where they will be living?

Dream Catchers are a traditional Native American ‘new baby’ gift. They are said to protect the newborn from nasty dreams. I only have one in my shop so far but more are on the way!

I have this card which can be personalised with any name, relationship and date - it’s available in pink or blue.

A Christening card (also comes in blue)…