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Suggestions for our Back to School guide please!

Hello! Do you have any products that would fit well in our Back to School guide? We’re looking for book bags, rucksacks, satchels, PE bags, pencil cases, pencil toppers, stickers for decorating journals, scooter bags… that kind of thing.

Here’s how the guide looks so far

Thank you!

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In honour of the hours spent agonising over a pencil case as a teenager I have just agonised over which pencil case I would want now if I had to go back to school

no I’m not sure what a blue lobster says about me either.

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One of my midori-style travellers notebooks would fit in very well

I have this bag which is good for many uses, including school-related items.

I have this cheerful-looking pouch which works equally well as a pencil case or cosmetic bag.

Hi - Most of my items would fit in to this category. Should I list each item here? thanks x :smiley_cat:

A small book bag.

A drawstring shoe bag.

How about a bookmark
I have others too

Or as I know my nephew loves them a keyring or handbag charm

Last one

Pencil case/bag zipper charm:

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I have some cute small Coin Purses …I will list these soon x

Gerda x

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This set of organisers will keep things tidy for adults, students and crafters.

Here’s one for the teachers!

School hair bows!

A story about Maisy Muffin rag doll starting school

I have a funky kids Pencil Case

Gerda x

Pencil jar?