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Tax Return!

(Debbie) #1

Ive only just finished my tax return today! Its the latest Ive ever done it, has anyone else left it as late as me!! :scream:

(Amberlilly) #2

I did mine on the 24th which is really strange as it was the same date as last year!
But, I am getting better organised now!

(Sasha Garrett) #3

I did mine months ago as I was due a tax refund and wanted my money back!

(Rachel) #4

Nearly mine was submitted yesterday :smiley:

(Roz) #5

:slight_smile: I can feel very virtuous as mine was not only submitted a few months ago but I’ve even paid it!

(Yvette ) #6

I did mine last Sunday, but keep getting reminder emails to do it.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #7

Last year I did it on the very last day as I was awaiting on HMRC to send me my online ID

This year I had all the paperwork ready before Christmas to put into my online return only to lose my ID and password.

Result I didn’t file mine till Thursday.

Next year I’ll get it done earlier. :blush:

(Diane Burton) #8

Did mine last week, every year I say I’ll be more organised and send it in earlier but it’s usually January when I get around to it :smile: