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Today is world animal day

Today is world animal day. What products do you all sell which feature world endangered animals? I will start you all of with a British species with an epic migration route, traveling across Europe, the sahara dessert ending in Africa - The cuckoo. Epic bird but in severe decline.


i made a pangolin picture and card from shrink plastic a few months ago …


Let’s hear it for reptiles who always get a bad press but can, actually, be quite cute and very interesting!

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Maybe not endangered, but sometimes cruelly kept in chains and cages, the brown bear, teddy,

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Domesticated rather than wild but fun all the same.

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In a bit of trouble in this country, unfortunately, and this bird bath actually acts as a great water dish for hedgehogs in the garden, so decorative and practical :smile:

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How about rhinos?


and snow leopards?


Happy world animal day… Use the # on Twitter to get a wider reach… I think my whole shop applies! Lol!
These are my fave…party invites double up as fun wee posters for kids wall x


The Cape seahorse is on the endangered list because of its limited range and habitat vulnerability. It is restricted to four estuaries on the southern coast of South Africa. Project Seahorse does alot of work in conservation and the sustainable use of the world’s coastal marine ecosystems to try to protect seahorse populations and their environments.

Seahorses feature on one of my mugs


I think there are many that could be included and they all need support.

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Wow, I had never heard of a pangolin. Looked it up now and realised that due to poaching for the illegal wildlife trade and habitat loss the mandolin is one of the most endangered mammals in the world. Great miniature of one, they are so cute.

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Yeah lizards get a lot of bad press, but fascinating creatures. Many lizards are in serious decline as well, but people just aren’t motivated to protect them as they don’t see how lovely they are. Really sad.

Lovely bear coat hanger, it makes me so upset to see the persecution of such strong animals. So degrading and uncaring.

Great fun decoration. May not be endangered , but still a world animal to celebrate on world animal day

What wonderful pictures of these persecuted animals. Wonderful detail

Thank you for the # . You are right, having looked at your shop, it’s almost all reinvent. Wonderful elephant cards.

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it’s one of david attenborough’s favourite animals.
i think they are wonderful creatures.

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Sadly sea creatures are under a lot of threat at the moment, what with loss of coral reefs and increase of plastic. Great work the project seahorse do to help the seahorses. Wonderful mug, a very fun image.


Your right…many vulnerable species worldwide. I was shocked how many there are in Britain alone. Sad to see some of our most loved animals suffer.