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Twitter? Help

Just opened a twitter account and have no idea what I am doing. Any other tweeters here with advice? Does it work with for you? I have facebook too but want to explore other ways

Hi Anita

I have been tweeting for about 4 years now - great fun :smile:

Post your Twitter name here so people can find you. I think I found you by searching, did you just get a new follower ? @hazelrayfield is my Twitter name

My advise is follow people you like and chat and followers will come but you have to be proactive. Also make a banner etc and make it look pretty and link to your shop in your profile - essential :-).

Happy tweeting


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Thanks Hazel will get the banner when I log onto my comp I really must get the pics on my laptop!!
I have now followed you and will get tweeting asap
Twitter name@AnitaRoseDesign

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Look forward to tweeting with you.

There is a thread somewhere here with lots of people’s Twitter names on so that might be s good place to start


Found you too :slight_smile: and you might want to have a read here Twitter pages

Thanks @silvapagan I see I am not alone in the newbie twitter thing!
Shall get following and tweeting and say goodbye to normal life as it sounds as if tweeting is addictive

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Hi Anita,

I love it. I use facebook, twitter and Instagram, and have found Twitter to be the most successful. I enjoy using it- I’m not as obsessive as I used to be about it though as it can be quite addictive! Haha
I’m @curiousseagull1 :blush:

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I LOVE twitter - find some chatty people and away you go! I’ll look you up and follow.

Elaine (@elliestreasures)

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thanks @elliestreasures and @curiousseagull I will certainly look you up. Its funny how I can talk for England but put me in front of a keyboard and I am stuck!!