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Valentine gift ideas and Valentine's Day cards for our 2017 gift guides please!

We’re on the lookout for suggestions for our Valentine Gift guide and our Valentine Card gift guide. So if you’d like to make a suggestion, please post a link below!

You can see how the two guides are looking so far here…

Valentine Gifts

Valentine Cards and Wrapping


I noticed in my ‘shop activity’ page that one of my cards had been included in the Valentine’s Cards gift guide, but it doesn’t appear to be there! That’s a bit disappointing…so here it is again.

A pretty kitty with a big heart

“wishes” heart brooch:


Couple of girly hearts

I have so-o-o many pieces on my page which feature hearts, but this one is my favourite! It will literally be a dagger in my own heart if I sell it (lol).

Love Sam x

I have quite a few Valentine’s cards in my shop, here are a couple:

I have a couple of gifts for Valentine’s… A couple’s initials in mehndi style and the Kanji symbol for love.

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I have lots of Heart shaped pieces that would be ideal for Valentines presents…this is a Unisex piece

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I have afew things that could be for valentine’s day but thought these might be nice

Heart Hanging Decoration :smile:


I have this Love Potion Bottle, these can also be personalised :smile:

More hearts from me…tiny and cute to slip into your sweetheart’s pocket!

And for men…

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