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Valentine's Day Cards and Gifts 2020

Romantic Murano glass heart with floral decoration.

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Violets are Blue

Some of the Valentine’s Cards available from me


We have a few hearty things in the shop :slight_smile: my favourite it the dog and cat paws and cut out ones

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3 cute hedgehog Valentine cards, listed today.

Love themed kilt pin brooch and bracelet.

Rose kaftan gift

A couple more cards:

Pretty Murano glass heart pendant with Swarovski crystal and sterling silver

Love this time of year, when all the Heart’s come out, real feel good factor. Here’s just some of my Valentine’s Gifts made :grinning:

Hand embellished rose bud print (in stock), also offered as a limited edition giclée print (made to order)

Hello everyone! I’ve just uploaded my new Valentine’s Day card collection for 2020. Here’s a few pics, let me know your fave!
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A squirrel valentine’s card for squirrel appreciation day:

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Love heart card

I’ve got quite a few Heart items in different colours, here are a couple of them…

I wear my heart on my cards!


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