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Wanted: sugar bowl cover

I don’t know what the real name for these crocheted weighted sugar bowl covers are so I can’t search for them, but I know I’ve seen them on here (“crocheted weighted sugar bowl covers” doesn’t bring anything up).

Can anyone help?



If you just type in ‘crochet cover’ a few come up :smile:

I know what you mean but have only ever seen them used on top of jugs of juice to stop flies falling into them.

They are made from fine crochet cotton with the beads to stop the wind blowing them off.

I think that’s what you mean, but sorry no idea what they are called.

You can also get them made from circles of cotton often floral or gingham with the crochet edge with beads.

Would either of these work?

I know these are jug covers but they might have something smaller in their shops or be able to do you a custom one.

When I was young, my Mum had one of these to cover the milk jug on the doorstep when milk was delivered from the churn! I think I remember this happening though it may be a false memory (really, I’m old but not ancient!) If you Google ‘jug covers’, quite a few come up.

I can remember searching for these and not knowing how to word it.