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(Birdandmonkey) #1

Hi guys, just wanted to see if anyone has a web site, I have one that I’ve set up myself through Go Daddy but it doesn’t seem to get me any business and I can’t seem to get it linked to google search :confused:

(Hazel Rayfield) #2

Hi Sarah

I have a website for my Art In Wax it has been up 3 years nearly now and has been a lot of work, and now well established on Google.

I do promotion for it every week and I do sell my art from it but not as much as I sell here as the traffic flow is mixed on my site - I have a lot of interest in my work, I have demonstration videos on the sites and my blog which is on site has lots of visitors, but that’s what my site is about, promoting and name awareness of me as an artist and my Art In Wax … traffic there is people interested in Encaustic, here people in are interested in shopping :slight_smile: which is great :slight_smile:

I won’t say what I do for a living - but it helps that I work in this sector - oh to be a full time artist :slight_smile:

What is your website address ?


(Jo Sara) #3

I’ve had mine for just over 3 years now too - - and it’s by far my biggest source of sales now. How long have you had your website? It does take a while for Google to search and categorise the pages of a website. And I mean months and years, not days and weeks. In those first months you need to be pointing a lot of promotion towards it to get the sales. Then the Google search traffic kicks in and adds to your promo work.


(Birdandmonkey) #4

I’ve only had it since about March so I’m being impatient I think!
When you say pointing promotions towards it do you mean having the address on your Folksy and Facebook pages? X

(Jo Sara) #5

You’re not officially supposed to have links to other selling sites on your Folksy page (although it is becoming rife from what I’ve seen), but I would have your web address on your Facebook site. And if you use Twitter I would split the links you add to some Folksy and some website. The benefit of having a shop on somewhere like Folksy when you are new is customer confidence. It’s an established site, even if your shop isn’t. And you’ll get the sales numbers and a feedback percentage to show for your work here, on your own website it’s a trust thing that’ll come with time.


Edit. Just looked at your shop, what a great idea. Really unusual, and pretty unique too. Plus I see your Facebook page has a good following too, so I’d definitely stick your website on there if you’re selling from there too. There’s a bit in the Page Info that’s specifically for your website address and it will show on your timeline page.

(Birdandmonkey) #6

Wow loads of info thank you so much x

(Jo Sara) #7

No problem. And speaking of Facebook, Folksy have shared one of your items on their page - - recognised it straight away :slight_smile: