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What a nice surprise

I have been busy sewing my story book cushions, when an order comes in for 6 of my burping cloths, need to start making some more.
I normally sell one at a time so this was a very nice surprise.


Either someone’s expecting sextuplets or they’ve got a very burpy baby :smile:

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Just had an e.mail from the lady to say that she makes up new baby baskets and will be putting them in.
Quite a compliment


That’s good - would be interesting to see what the baby baskets look like too! Is that a new marketing angle for you??!!

Make sure you send her a few business cards and ask her (very nicely) if she’d maybe put one in each of the baskets, it might lead to a couple of follow-up sales from new parents :slight_smile:

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That’s great news Kate. Lets hope it leads to her wanting more. I had an order last night via Facebook and it was from someone who’s bought about 8 Decorations from me already and she wants more.